20 Healthy Snack Ideas

20 Healthy Snack Ideas

When I first began my new lifestyle journey of working towards a healthier me, I struggled with finding healthy snack ideas! It seems like something that should truly be so simple to figure out. However, finding balance with my nutrition was one of the most difficult parts when it came to reaching my weight loss goals. I LOVE food! I love to eat. Figuring out what works best for my body took time, trial, and error for me to realize. While I hated the struggles that I went through, looking back now, I understand that it was all a part of the process. It’s about progress not perfection. Don’t forget that friends!


I’m going to share below, some of the snacks from the list and what I like to use for them!

Protein Bars

Right now, my go-to’s and recommendations for these would be Alani Nu’s Fit Snacks or any of the 1st Phorm bars! Alani Nu has four amazing flavors to choose from, they come in a pack of 12, and they contain 16g of protein. My current favorite of theirs is probably Fruity Cereal! So hard to choose! 1st Phorm has six flavor options, their bars come in a pack of 15, and contain 20g of protein. They can even serve as a meal replacement. My favorite of theirs is Birthday Cake!


Bowl of Fruit

I usually eat the same types of fruit and just rotate out what I get from the grocery store each week, so that I don’t get bored from eating the same thing. The fruits that I tend to choose from are low in calories and definitely help to satisfy my sweet tooth! My go-to’s are berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), watermelon, peaches, and green grapes. I especially love the cotton candy grapes when they are in season! A must try if you haven’t before! They will seriously blow your mind if you love cotton candy.


Protein Smoothies

For my smoothies, the whey protein powder that I use either comes from Alani Nu or 1st Phorm. I think it’s pretty obvious that those are my top two favorite supplement brands. haha Different from Alani, 1st Phorm offers 2 types of protein powder options. Level-1, a protein powder for meal-replacements, and Phormula-1, a protein powder for post-workout. Both are phenomenal!


Siggi’s Yogurt

I used to hate yogurt at one point but now I love it- well, just Siggi’s. I literally won’t try anything else! My husband got me hooked and I am so glad that he did! Siggi’s is an American brand of skyr, which is an Icelandic version of yogurt. They offer non-fat, low-fat, and plant based options. Their yogurts are also low calorie and contain up to 15g of protein! Not only do they taste great, but the high protein content is one of the biggest reasons why I love to snack on these! Meeting my daily protein goal isn’t always easy but these sure help!


Healthy Popcorn

Added butter, sugar, and salt can make often make popcorn an unhealthy snack. So when I’m craving it, I try to grab something with a better nutrition label. Skinny Pop, Skinny Girl Pop, or BOOMCHICKAPOP are the three kinds that I’ll choose from!


Dark Chocolate Chip Morsels

When I like to make a simple, salty-sweet snack of nuts with dark chocolate, I love using Lily’s Dark Chocolate Baking Chips for my morsels. There’s no sugar added at all and it’s sweetened by stevia. However, it tastes just as good as your typical chocolate chip! I’m very picky and truly can’t tell a difference! This product is also Fair Trade certified, non-GMO verified, and gluten free! I’m not saying I’ll never eat sugary-sweet chocolate again, because I certainly will. It just won’t be that choice every single time. It’s all about having balance when it comes to nutrition and a healthy way of eating!


If you’re in the same position now that I once was in, I hope you find this list of 20 healthy snack ideas to be so helpful! I plan on making tons more of these. So if you’d like, definitely subscribe to my blog so you’ll be notified of new posts like this! If there are any questions that you have for me (health, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle related), then feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you to help. Or you can also find me on Instagram and message me there via DM! I’m totally here to be of service to you, in the best possible ways that I can. So you are always welcome to let me know what types of content would be most resourceful for you, as you work towards a happier, healthier you!


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  1. 9.22.20

    I love your snack ideas! I’m looking for healthier snacks to eat throughout the day – especially as I continue to work from home for the time being. I’ll have to check these out!

    • 9.22.20


      Thank you for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and that it gave you some ideas!

  2. 9.23.20
    Camila Henry said:

    I really enjoyed your snack ideas, bowl of fruits and healthy popcorn going to have them in my lunch today.
    Love from Halloween Coupons

    • 10.4.20

      Thanks Camila! Those are great snacks to include in a lunch. I’m so glad this post could give you some ideas!

  3. 10.4.20

    This looks so fun dear! I love to eat snacks. However, it is not easy to find snacks that are healthy. Good imformation, Thanks for sharing

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    • 10.4.20

      I looove snacks! You’re so right. When there are many snack options available, it can be easy to go for something that’s not so healthy, too often.

      I’m happy you found this helpful. You’re so welcome!