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If you haven’t heard from several other fashion and style bloggers already, Nordstrom is currently having a HUGE SALE! I checked everything out online and let me tell you- there are some AMAZING deals happening and you do not want to miss out on these! This is definitely worth checking out and I highly suggest you go see for yourself! After going through all of the sale items entirely, I’ve compiled my top picks (lots of which are under $50/$100)! I broke everything down into categories to make it easier and more organized for you all; especially if there are specific things you’ve been looking to buy recently. So this post is all about SWIMSUITS! Just scroll down to see my choices and Happy Shopping!


Oh, and just to warn you, things are selling out FAST! Not even kidding. If you see something that you want, you’ll want to grab it ASAP!

Sale ends June 3rd.

Swimsuits & Cover Ups

If you see any that you like, but you’re wondering if it comes in a different color/print (still on sale), many of these do. Just click the photo to see if your pick does!


[shopr collection=”nord-half-yearly-sale-18-swim”]


I love designer. But I love it even more on sale!

Which swimsuits and coverups are your faves? Do you own any of the ones I listed above? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!



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