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I have an extra fun post for you guys today, because I am partnering with JORD in a GIVEAWAY (pop the confetti)! More details on that at the end. But first I have to tell you about this amazing brand and why it’s even worth your while to enter for a chance to win an awesome prize with them!


What is JORD?

JORD is a watch brand that represents and delivers quality, elegance, excellence, and class so well.  Those are 4 things that I stand by as a growing blogger, influencer, and content creator. And I’ll never share anything with you guys that exemplifies less. I respect and value that their timepieces are sustainable, handcrafted with wood, and created with efficiency, raw material, and refined designs.


Keep reading for the top 10 reasons why I love this wooden watches brand so, so much!






    1. The first detail that catches my attention with JORD is the fact that they create wooden watches. This is such a standout and unique piece to me that I believe sets this brand apart.  The wood is such a beautiful and stylish addition, in my opinion!

    2. Their packaging is INCREDIBLE, and you’re going to want to keep it! I promise you, this boxing isn’t something that you’re going to want to throw away once you take out the beautiful watch it beholds. I really appreciate it that they value every aspect of what they send us and that they care about the details.



3. To level up with their beautiful timepieces and boxing, they also include custom wood watch engraving! A special touch like this makes a memorable gift meaningful for many years to come.

“Backplate engraving and presentation box engraving are available in block & script or you can upload a custom design. Your handwriting, imagery, or logo will be precision laser engraved, making your purchase truly one of a kind.”


4. For all of you Apple lovers out there, JORD is pleased to bring its unique touch of natural design and durability to the celebrated Apple Watch series!

“Apple Watch Band” by JORD contains wood and titanium interlaced pieces! This is such a neat twist on these types of watches.



5. They cater to both gender demographics!

So they have an amazing selection of men’s watches and women’s watches!



6. Their watches are created and sourced out of 13 different types of wooden material!

Anything from




                                                                     GOLDEN CAMPHOR










 My watch from the Cassia series is made from walnut.


7. For their wood watches that utilize a quartz movement, a battery replacement may eventually be needed.

But the JORD repair team will gladly replace your battery!



8. They offer FREE Shipping WORLDWIDE.

Okay. Who doesn’t love free shipping?!



9. JORD offers affordable cleaner so that you can keep your wooden watch looking its best always.

“JORD Preserve is a custom-formulated cleaning oil created specifically for the care of wood watches. 100% natural with no artificial chemicals. Ideal for cleaning and conditioning your timepiece.”



10. They have wonderful customer service and value each and every one of us!

I haven’t had a bad experience, nor have I heard of someone else who has!





Alrighty! Let’s get to it! So here are the EASY rules in regards to this giveaway!


Click HERE to be taken to my custom giveaway page with JORD, where you will simply enter your name and email address. That’s it!


All entrants will have a chance to WIN a $100 gift code to use on the site!

ONE lucky person will win, BUT everyone will receive a consolation code worth 10% off once the giveaway is over!

Discount codes are sent via email to all contest entrants, upon the conclusion of the campaign.

Giveaway ends 8/12 at 11:59pm.


Pretty cool how everyone gets a little something!

And hey! Some of you may be thinking

  • “I don’t need a watch right now.”
  • “I don’t have a reason to buy a watch at the moment, so what’s the point?”

…leaving you with a decision of not entering. So I want to assure you that if you enter and win, you are not required to buy a watch immediately! You can hold onto your prize until, August 26, 2018! Perhaps, you may need to buy that gift for someone (parent, friend, significant other) for a special occasion. Or maybe you’ll want to treat yourself!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you’ll enter the giveaway! You have nothing to lose!

If you have any questions about JORD, then feel free to click here for their FAQ page! Or simply message me using my contact form here!

Also, comment down below which watch is your favorite from the website! I’d love to know!


See ya in my next blog post! Unless you want to follow me on my social media…*cough, cough* 😉





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