Let’s Get To It!!

***Brief instructions on how to easily shop are below, right here!***

Who’s ready to shop from the convenience and comfort of their home, phone, tablet, laptop, you name it?!

Online shopping is a treat in so many ways!

Let’s cut the crazy chaos and get what we need/want!


Below is a list of categories to choose from. I wanted to do it this way to make it easier for you guys to find EXACTLY what you need without having to search through a bunch of store names.

Once you click on your desired category, all of the places that I love to shop at, that are popular, and that worth checking out, will be listed for you (in alphabetical order– again, trying to make this easy and simple for everyone)! And, of course, with every store name will be all of their sales/deals, plus direct links to shop! Just hover over the name of the store (or just about anything in bold) and click/tap on it! You will be taken straight to the website!


Thank you SO much for clicking through my links to shop! I do make a tiny commission at zero cost to you. And when I see on my back end that I have helped someone make a sale, it means a lot and reminds me how worth it all of my hard work that I put into this was! Thank you for supporting my small business as a content creator and blogger!

Also, don’t forget to check here (my Discounts page), where I keep all of the discounts that I have in partnership with brands, boutiques, etc.! These last year round and can be used beyond Black Friday!

Happy Shopping Y’all!




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