ACTA Wear Honest Review and Discount Code

I get it. Maybe you’ve seen the ads all over social media, too, and you just have to know- is ACTA wear legit? I had the same question months ago and recently purchased several items from their site. Now I’m here to share an ACTA wear honest review with you!

ACTA Wear Honest Review

ACTA wear honest review

ACTA Wear Honest Review and Discount Code

I guess I’ll start by sharing what exactly I’ve purchased from their website so far. I’ll be linking everything below!


Seamless Marl Long Sleeve – Sage – size M

Seamless Marl Sports Bra – Sage – size S

High Waisted Shorts W/ Liner – Black – size M

Seamless Pro Bra – Black – size S

Seamless Marl Legging – Sage – size S


ACTA Wear Pros & Cons
Wearing the ACTA™ Seamless Marl Sports Bra – Sage with the ACTA™ Seamless Marl Legging – Sage (the waistband is folded down some)


Okay, so if you’ve browsed my blog or you know me well, then you know that I’m a major Gymshark fan. So the bar is set really high for any other activewear brand I try. When I got my ACTA pieces in the mail, I hoped for the best and was completely STUNNED and floored after trying on each piece…

UMMM you guys- the quality, the fit, the material, everything, it is all SO amazing and very much comparable to Gymshark in my opinion. I promise you I am not just saying that. I’m not sure what my expectations were before my ACTA wear came, but everything literally blew me away. I actually think my jaw dropped when I tried on the outfit pictured above, if I’m remembering correctly. haha

The ACTA seamless collection is just as good as Gymshark’s. I actually might even like the fit better so far, to be honest. And I never imagined I’d like another brand’s seamless collection better than Gymshark’s. Gymshark vital seamless was my first ever purchase from that brand and I have worn my vital set more than anything probably. But man- this ACTA seamless will definitely compete with that!

I’m going to share some pros and cons to get a little more specific for you!


ACTA Wear Pros & Cons


  • high quality material and design on every item (that I’ve purchased)
  • the DIVERSITY in their models- it’s almost 2021 and some brands still don’t get this right, but ACTA does and they are so inclusive!
  • donate to a charity of YOUR choice and give back with each purchase you make- I think this is what really sets ACTA apart and makes them incredibly special and unique
  • beautiful color options to choose from
  • well designed and professional website
  • the ACTA customer care chat found at the bottom of their web page- so helpful (I used it before placing my order and they were great!)
  • the size range available- they offer XS to XL
  • the “Find My Fit” option- you enter some basic info about your body and they will share with you what your size should be for the item you’re looking at on their site!
  • there’s also a size chart at the bottom of their page, if you’d prefer to use that
  • the ability to read customer reviews, write reviews yourself, and even share/view customer photos/videos wearing the items
  • they have a fair return policy and you are able to send anything back if there’s ever an issue


  • I really wish they offered Klarna, afterpay, or some sort of service similar to those two. That way you can make your payment in chunks rather than a large sum all at once. I’m hoping they will in the near future!
  • They’re pretty pricey. Again- the quality is amazing. So is their marketing, their packaging, customer service, etc. They also donate to charitable organizations (which other activewear brands don’t do) and have employed staff. The owners of this brand are a married couple with 2 children. So I try to look at all of that to make sense of why it is that things are priced pretty high. Syd and Tay are not keeping all profits for themselves, that’s for sure.
  • While they are very diverse in their marketing tactics and the models they choose for their graphics/photos, all of their athletes are white. I would love to see diversity when it comes to their ACTA athletes! It would be amazing to see BIPOC represented as well, and maybe even other body types instead of just skinny. Some people are curvier, or thicker, or heavier in the chest, broader, or have a more of a muscular build than what I currently see in their athletes. And oftentimes people just want to see their body type represented because it may help with their purchasing decisions, especially when ordering online. I trust and believe that they will do it and make the change. It’s just a matter of when will they.


ACTA Wear Discount Code

If you ever purchase anything from ACTA wear based on my recommendation, then please let me know so that I can thank you personally! You can use my discount code SUDDRETH for 15% OFF your purchase anytime you shop their website! It truly means the world to me to have your support. I hope that this post was helpful if you’ve been questioning this brand. You can always comment down below here on the blog or leave me a DM over on Instagram with any questions you may have! I hope you all have an amazing week!

This post is not sponsored by ACTA and all opinions are my own.

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  1. 2.25.21
    Sydney said:

    The pieces that you chose look so comfy and pretty! That’s wonderful that they have more inclusive model representation. I think you made a good point about how there is still room for growth in this area regarding their athlete representatives. It’s definitely important to continue to hold companies and brands accountable – it’s how we all grow!


    • 2.25.21
      Key said:

      Thank you Sydney! The quality of their clothing is seriously so good!

      And yes! I’m so glad you agree with that point. I truly believe they’ll make the change and I look forward to seeing them do it! 🙂

  2. 8.30.21
    Kourtney said:

    I recently became an ambassador for them. Posted product on my Instagram. Do you know when ambassadors start receiving commissions?
    I’m a broke college student…

    • 9.3.21
      Key said:

      Hi Kourtney!

      As an ambassador, I believe you receive commissions when people begin using your discount code. I hope that helps!