All of the Reasons Why You Should Get a HydroJug

So maybe what brought you here is your struggle with your water intake. Or maybe you needed a good and honest HydroJug review. No matter your reason, I can confidently say you’ve come to the right place, as I am about to help you boost your daily water intake and encourage you with all of these reasons why getting a HydroJug is so worth it!

HydroJug review

All of the Reasons I LOVE My HydroJug & Believe You Should Get One, Too!


1. You are helping to reduce pollutions.

Choosing your HydroJug each day is like eliminating almost 5 plastic bottles being dumped into our environment daily. You’re making a difference!


2. So many cute color options to choose from for your jug!

To me, this honestly makes having and drinking from a water bottle more “fun”! I don’t feel like I have a boring water bottle. It’s so appealing to look at and makes me gravitate towards these bottles more than any other water bottle I own.

HydroJug colors

3. All of the insulating sleeve designs to choose from!

I absolutely love this feature about HydroJug and believe sets it apart from any other water bottle brand. I’ll list some of my favorite things about the sleeve below:

    • keeps your water cold
    • protects your jug from any damage
    • features 2 pockets- fits iPhone 11 plus (and other phones equivalent in size) & the other accessory pocket can be for keys or headphones
    • has an adjustable (and removable) strap so you can free your hands and carry it on your shoulder
      • on one of the ends of the strap, I like to hook my key ring on there when I’m in the gym if I don’t really need a locker that day- just a little hack for ya!


4. You can easily hit a gallon (or more) a day when using a HydroJug!

Owning one of these made me realize quickly why it used to be harder to reach my water intake goals every day. Sure, I’d fill up a water bottle once and maybe drink it all, but I’d get so caught up in whatever my daily tasks were that I would forget to keep refilling it. And not only that, but I would have to refill my other bottles so often.

With a HydroJug, I only have to fill it twice and my water goal for the day (ex. a gallon aka 128oz) is either met or EXCEEDED!

How to drink enough water

5. They come out with something new each month

So there’s always something fun and exciting to look forward to! If they don’t have a color or sleeve design that you like enough yet, then keep an eye out because they have a new release monthly!


6. They have SEPARATE straws!

I really emphasized the word “separate” here because it is so gross having a water bottle with a built in straw. Built in straws are not easy to clean effectively and eventually leave room for mold to grow (whether you realize it or not). When I learned about that, I was so thankful that I didn’t already own any water bottles that were like that, but also having that awareness made me realize I needed to avoid ever buying water bottles like that.

So I love and appreciate the fact that HydroJug still offers straws for the people who love drinking from them, but they keep it separate so that you can wash everything really well and never have to deal with mold build up!

Best water bottles for workouts

7. All of the bottles are translucent

So that you can see the water inside and easily track how much you have left to go!


8. All of the bottles are marked in ounces

So that you can track how much water you’re pouring in and can keep up with how much you’re drinking every time you fill it!

Dishwasher safe water bottles

9. HydroJugs are made from plastic that is BPA free (so important) and dishwasher safe

So you will always be drinking clean water!


10. These water bottles are SO affordable!

For the most part, they are $19.99 and then any of their “Special Edition” bottles are typically $24.99! You can always use afterpay, if needed. I really love it that they offer that for anyone who wants to break down their payments! You could place an order for a bottle and only pay $5. Then you would just have to make 3 more future, interest-free payments of $5 (plus any tax). So good! (Sleeves and straws are sold separately, but are also very affordable!

HydroJug replacement lids

11. They offer replacement lids on the HydroJug website!

My water bottles are currently all still in really great condition because they’re made well. But it is nice to know that IF anything were to ever happen to my lids, I can easily order an affordable replacement.

I also just had an idea and realized, you could even buy a different color lid from the color of your jug, just to switch things up and give it a different look if you wanted- 2 colors (the jug and the lid) in one!


12. A fully filled HydroJug comes out to be around 5 pounds in weight.

If you are doing at home workouts but don’t have any equipment to use, then this is a hack for you! Fill your jug and use it for any upper body lifts at home. A little weight resistance is better than nothing at all!

HydroViewer feature

13. The HydroViewer feature!

When you go to their website, you can use the HydroViewer to see what your favorite color jug would look like paired with your favorite sleeve before buying! You can select different color jugs and sleeve designs until you find what you like before adding to the cart. It’s like a virtual try-before-you-buy, which I think is so neat!


13. No leaks or spills here!

HydroJugs are very secure. As long as the lid is completely closed and the mouthpiece is shut, you should be able to tip the bottle upside down and nothing should come out of it. If you somehow receive a faulty one, just send it back and request a replacement/exchange or DM them on Instagram to see what they suggest! I have had nothing but positive experiences as far as customer service goes!


Reasons to Get HydroJug

My Favorite HydroJug Colors


My Favorite Sleeves


At this point, I just about have a full cabinet shelf worth of HydroJugs in my kitchen. And I have zero shame!

I highly, highly recommend you get your own HydroJug if you don’t already own one. I truly hope this post convinced you on just how incredible and helpful they are! This has truly been life-changing for me when it comes to drinking plenty enough water everyday. My skin is healthier and the clearest it’s ever been. My hair is growing and thriving! There are so many amazing benefits to drinking water every day.

I encourage you and challenge you to aim for a gallon a day (128 oz) and see how well it benefits you!

If you ever purchase a HydroJug based on my recommendation and through my support link (it doesn’t alter or increase the price you pay- I promise), then please let me know so that I can thank you personally! It truly means the world to me to have your support and to know that I am making a positive impact on someone! You can always comment down below here on the blog or leave me a DM over on Instagram! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! <3

This post is not sponsored by HydroJug and all opinions are my own. All photo credits belong to HydroJug.

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  1. 3.7.21
    Markelia Weaver said:

    Just purchased 2 Hydrojugs to better track my water intake! They have a bundle special now so purchased 2 plus 2 sleeves and 2 straws and got a an additional discount using your link! Let’s “turn up”! LOLOL

    • 3.8.21
      Key said:

      The bundle special is definitely a good deal to take advantage of! I hope you enjoy your HydroJugs and thanks for shopping through my link to support me!

  2. 10.20.21
    Tiffany said:

    I have the hydroflask and I love it. But I’m SO horrible lately at drinking water…I feel like I’m constantly drinking milk or tea lattes. 🙁

    Tiff from Parker Place

    • 11.3.21
      Key said:

      I want a hydroflask, too, one of these days! I guess I just really like having nice cups and water bottles to drink from. haha Like I’m that girl with too many mugs and literally just had to donate a bunch. lol

      I’m not sure how big your hydroflask is, but what I love about the Hydrojug is that I literally only have to fill it 2 times a day to obtain a very decent amount of water intake. And I don’t have to repeatedly keep getting up to get more water to drink. Otherwise, I’d get super lazy and hardly drink anything; which would be bad. lol I also love how pretty/cute the different Hydrojug colors and sleeve options are. Having a “fun” looking bottle to drink from certainly helps some people like myself. I highly recommend checking out their website to see if there’s anything you love! 🙂