The Best Beginner Back and Biceps Workout | Pull Day

Continuing on with our Week of Workouts for the new year, here is Day 2 – a beginner friendly (Pull Day) Back and Biceps Workout!

The Best Beginner Back and Biceps Workout | Pull Day

Demos: Wide Lat Pull Downs // Seated Rows (Modified for at Home) // SA Bent Over Rows // DB Alternating Curls // Hammer Curls (Modified for at Home)


Ladies, if you’re wanting to create an hourglass-like figure for yourself, then you cannot skip back day! Building a bit of a bigger back and glutes will create the illusion necessary to give you the look that you and many others desire.

Here is a helpful, already created back and biceps workout for you to take to the gym! These are some of my favorite pull exercises to do in my own workouts. If you missed Day 1’s Hamstring and Glutes workout then click here to start there!

If you’re working out from home, you can definitely modify some of these exercises as needed, and I included links with demonstrations above. As long as you have resistance bands and a pair of dumbbells at home, you should able to still accomplish any of the workouts featured in this Week of Workouts. And if your pair of dumbbells aren’t that heavy, then just increase the amount of reps and perform the exercise until you’re 3 reps shy of failure.

Continue reading below for some quick and helpful tips to keep in mind as you prepare and go through your workout. 🙂


Tips for A Great Workout


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I hope that this back and biceps workout will take one less thing off of your plate as you plan and prepare to be more active this year.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Day 3’s workout – Leg Day | Quads!

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Have an amazing workout!

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