Cauliflower Soup with Chicken Skewers!

Best Cauliflower Soup Recipe

Yaaaaaaay for my first ever “Recipe on Repeat”!

This is honestly an idea that I’ve had for quite a while now and I’m so excited to finally be kicking it off!

I generally get great feedback when I share what I’m cooking with you guys over on my Instagram stories. So here we are! I figured the blog would be the perfect place to share everything that you’re asking about!

I received lots of questions on this one after making it for the first time. The taste? UNREAL.


You’re going to LOVE IT! Especially if you’re a fan of cauliflower.

Let’s DIG IN!


*Disclaimer: Caleb (my husband) found this recipe on an app (Lifesum) while we’re on a keto diet. I do not take credit for the creation of this recipe. But I have definitely made my own tweaks.*


Easy Chicken Skewers at Home!

I should have recorded the look on my husband’s face because it was priceless and he was clearly in LOVE! I was, too, though, so I definitely don’t blame him at all!


You can definitely eat this however you want, but we took our chicken off the sticks, stirred them into the soup and MAAAAAAN. IT WAS GOOD. The chili flakes give a nice kick, but not too much. My husband doesn’t take spicy too well, so trust me- it’s not terribly spicy!


If you make this, I’d love to know! That’d make me so happy! So if you do, drop a comment down below telling me what you think or you can message me over on Instagram. I reply to all comments! <3


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