Out With the Old, In With the New!

Who’s ready for a new year? A year of more opportunity, second chances, and new adventure! I know I am!

Every year, at the end of the year, is when I most seem to hear people reflecting on how well or poorly that year “treated them”. What was 2017 like for you?

Reflection is so powerful for the mind and the soul; especially at this time of year as we begin preparing ourselves to make the coming year our best yet! Personally, I loved 2017! I truly hadn’t had a year that great in what felt like a really, really long time. Now, I’m not saying it was perfect. That’s simply impossible. And every year, no matter how good it seems, will have its downs. But overall, I can say I have learned more, accomplished more, dreamed more, grown up more, treated myself more, traveled more, accepted and loved myself more, said “no” more, etc! I’m proud of the person I became at the end of 2017. Isn’t that how we want to feel at the end of it all?

I encourage you to take some time to take a look back. Not to dwell or to linger in what once was. But so that you can imagine and create for a brighter future in 2018! These are the questions I’m asking myself for guided thought and journaling:

  1. Who was I at the beginning of 2017 and who did I become at the end?
  2. What are (some of) the lessons that 2017 taught me? | Reflections
  3. What do I hope to accomplish in 2018? | Goals
  4. Who do I want to become in 2018?

I actually, really had some fun writing these! Here are some of my responses!

2017 Reflections

  • Don’t lose yourself by trying to please those around you.
  • There is freedom in forgiveness.
  • Meal prepping is a life saver.
  • Some people are only meant for a season. Everyone won’t go where God is taking you in the purpose He uniquely designed for you.
  • Comparison can be a calling-killer. So tough. Don’t let it.
  • You’re stronger than you think you are.
  • You have to discipline yourself to step away from viewing the successes of others long enough to start building your own.

2018 Goals

  • Do not go a single day without reading the Bible. (Yeah, I said it. I’m not perfect.)
  • Find a place of worship & fellowship that my boyfriend and I can call home.
  • Find consistency with uploading videos to YT weekly AND blog posting weekly. (The hustle is real and so is the struggle, y’all.)
  • Create fun and inspiring collaborative work with others!
  • Cook more often, eat out less.
  • Read more books and find the desire to read more.
  • Begin and continue reading through the Bible with my boyfriend for our in depth/theological bible study. (God bless this man!)
  • Travel even more! (One of those I intend to be an out of the country trip!)
  • Try not to straighten my hair!
  • Establish a healthy morning and night routine.
  • Rest more, stress less.
  • Completely clear my skin complexion and rid of acne. (Then share the tips to help others!)
  • Budget better and save more.
  • Create a 5 day workout routine/regimen and stick to it weekly.
  • Have plenty of Game Nights with friends!
  • Attend those open dance classes I’ve been wanting to take!
  • Learn more about oils, essential oils, their benefits, and how I can incorporate them for a more healthy, non-toxic lifestyle.
  • Laugh more, love more, give more, learn more!

You can totally choose and answer whatever questions you would like! These are the ones that I created and found most helpful for myself. Feel free to try them out for yourself! I’m all for continued growth, positive change, new adventures, and seizing future opportunities! Why stay stuck in last year, friends? We were made for so much more! Even if 2017 wasn’t your greatest year, you don’t have to live in the disappointments of your past. Let’s push for greater, hope for greater, and strive for greater! We’ve got this! Rooting for you all!

Happy New Year!

xo Key


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  1. 1.2.18
    Markelia Weaver said:

    Love it!

  2. 1.2.18
    Tracy said:

    I enjoyed this….and feel inspired !! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. 1.2.18
    Ruth Ann Bruno said:

    Very motivating and Inspiring!

  4. 1.2.18
    Amy Mason said:

    So fabulous! So excited for you!!!

  5. 1.3.18
    Sherri said:

    Inspiring and insightful! I feel ready to tackle a new year!