How To Make Your Lips Soft, Healthy, & Smooth

How to make your lips soft and smooth is SO easy to do! I’ve been following all of the tips below and they have truly helped me to maintain supple lips all year round. Even the harshest winters couldn’t dry these lips out!

Keep reading below for an easy to follow list of things you can start doing today to make your lips softer than ever!

how to make your lips soft

Stop Drying Out Your Lips

Did you know that you can dry your lips out by doing any of the following?

  • not drinking enough water
  • licking, biting, and picking at your lips
  • using super drying lip products

If you’re used to licking your lips, then you probably think you’re doing more good than harm. However, doing this only gives you a temporary feeling of moisture. Instead, it’s actually removing more moisture from your lips than you might think, and it’s very fast drying. Opt for applying a lip balm or moisturizer instead. I’ll leave my top product recommendations for you down below!

And on that note, make sure that the lip products you use are not drying. If you want to have the best lip balms to make your lips softer, then you’ll want to buy moisturizers that have the right ingredients. The best lip balms will have more natural ingredients included, such as vitamins, plant oils, butters, water, or beeswax. Make sure to avoid any parabens, anything alcohol based, and other harmful ingredients!

how to make your lips soft

Make Your Lips Soft By Staying Hydrated Daily

I know that for some people this is easier said than done, but drink your water friends! One of the best ways that you can keep your lips moist and soft is from the inside out, by staying hydrated.

Personally, I aim to drink a gallon of water every single day. This was challenging at first, but has gotten so much easier over time. By far, the easiest and most helpful way that I am able to drink so much water daily is because of my HydroJugs I have about 6 of these, I believe, and I’m not opposed to buying more. lol

HydroJugs have helped me so much that I wrote a blog post all about why I love these water bottles and why I think everyone should own at least one. You can read about it here!

how to make your lips soft

how to make your lips soft

Gently Exfoliate Your Lips Weekly

Did you know that there are multiple and super simple ways to exfoliate your lips at home? Here are a few great options!

  • Use your toothbrush
  • Make a simple DIY lip scrub at home
  • Buy a lip scrub that’s already been made

I promise that if you try any of these three options, you won’t be asking how to make your lips soft any more! I love, love, love the way that my lips feel after exfoliating with a lip scrub!

You already have a toothbrush at home, I’m sure, since you use that daily. So that is by far the quickest and easiest method to use. You literally just take it and brush your lips with it until smooth. It’s as simple as that!

If that’s not your thing, then maybe try a DIY. Making a lip scrub at home takes very little time to do! At the bare minimum, you can use just a few ingredients to get the job done. Mix together an oil of your choice, a sugar of your choice, and a little bit of honey. Start off with very small amount of each ingredient and increase anything as needed. Know that too much oil will make your DIY lip scrub way too runny and you want to avoid that. And using too much honey will make it too sticky. Pinterest usually has great ideas for this so I’d definitely recommend checking there if you’d like to make your own lip exfoliator.

Personally, I use the third and final option most often and will just buy a lip scrub from Sephora or LUSH!

how to make your lips soft

Moisturize Your Lips Overnight With a Lip Mask

This tip right here you guys – it’s amazing! I didn’t start using an overnight lip mask until December 2021. I don’t know why it took me this long to start adding this into my routine but I am SO glad that I did. And if you haven’t tried using an overnight lip mask or treatment yet, then I highly recommend you start.

I kid you not, I wake up with the softest lips in the morning and with some of the product still on my lips! I always seem to find that the perfect amount is always on my lips whenever I wake up. So in that case, I don’t even need to apply another moisturizer until after I’ve eaten breakfast and brushed my teeth. As long as I continue doing this, I will literally never ever wake up with dry lips again. That’s how good the right lip mask can be.

I’ll link my go to mask here and several more options down below! Please try this if you have found yourself waking up in the morning with dry, cracked, and chapped lips. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. I promise you!


how to make your lips soft

Use the Best Lip Balms & Moisturizers During the Day

Now that we’ve gotten night time lip care down, let’s talk about our day time lip care!

I used to be pretty bad about applying a lip moisturizer on a daily basis. It would simply never cross my mind. But once I started treating myself to better and more mindful self care, I’ve seamlessly been able to add using a lip balm to my daily routine!

I typically will apply my favorite day time lip balm right after doing my oral hygiene care. I’ve found that it’s the easiest time for me to remember to use the product. I also make sure to leave the lip balm in the exact same drawer as my toothpaste, so I can’t overlook this step!

If I plan on wearing make up and opting for a more glam look instead of natural, then I’ll apply a bit less lip balm and layer this lipstick on top. Layering your lip products can also be very helpful in preventing dried out lips. Having just a little bit of moisturizer under my lipstick really helps to maintain their to make your lips soft

My go to lipstick is by far the most hydrating and moisturizing one I’ve ever used in my life. It comes in 9 shades and I’ll have it linked below as well!

How To Make Your Lips Soft

Make Your Lips Softer With the Support of a Supplement

I started taking collagen in 2021 to support healthy skin, hair, nails, gut health, and joint support. Like drinking plenty of water, this is another way that I like to maintain healthy skin and support its wellness from the inside out.

I will typically take my collagen supplement by mixing it into coffee, chai tea, or a smoothie. And while it is unflavored, it can sometimes have a faint odd taste. So I just like to conceal it really easily by mixing it into a drink that I know I’ll love!

I’ve really been enjoying the results and benefits from this collagen supplement from BEAM and I love supporting this amazing brand. If you’d like to try their affordable collagen, too, then click here and you’ll get $10 off your purchase!

how to make your lips soft

How To Make Your Lips Soft | Takeaway

I hope you found this post super helpful on how to make your lips soft and smooth all year long! This is so easy and achievable for anyone and everyone. If you’re struggling with dry and chapped lips, simply start implementing the above tips and you will find yourself with softer and smoother lips in such a short amount of time! They will truly make a world of difference.

If you’re looking for more skin care posts or beauty related content, then take a look around my blog!

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Feel free to share in the comments below if you have any favorite go to lip products that you’d like to recommend to everyone reading. In this community, we’re all about helping each other out! 🙂

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