My Ultimate Spotify Workout Playlist

My Ultimate Spotify Workout Playlist

Hey friends! I hope you all are well! Before I get into sharing my ultimate Spotify workout playlist with you, I want to briefly address some things.

The past couple of weeks have been hard, to say the least, given everything that is currently going on in our nation and world. As a black woman, though I’ve been emotionally hurting, as well as feeling drained in every sense of the way, I do have hope that a brighter future is ahead of us all. It has been so heartening seeing brands, influencers, and family, (who are all not black) rise up and take a stand against injustice and racial prejudice.

Due to how heavy everything has been, it really took a toll on my mental health and physical health for a solid week. I literally had zero energy in me to put towards working out. I really didn’t desire or anticipate taking any sort of break from my fitness journey. There are goals that I truly want to reach as quickly as possible. I’m happy to say that this past week, I’ve slowly but surely gotten back into my rhythm and workout routine. I managed to get in 4 cardio/HIIT sessions and MAN- I needed it. Next week, I’m going to push and aim for my regular 5-6 days of working out with 1-2 rest days!

I want to encourage you to please take care of yourself, even when things get hard. Rest is important. Time away from your phone and social media is healthy. Surrounding yourself with people and things that bring you joy is crucial. Protect your peace always! If you ever need to take a break from a workout routine/schedule, then that’s okay, too. You can always resume after a week or two off! Listen to your body and give it what it needs. You’ve got this and I’m here for you!

Today, I want to share my ultimate workout playlist with you guys in case you’re needing a little boost or something different to listen to! I definitely try to add to it whenever I find new hits that I know will give me a great boost in the gym or with my at home workouts! I can NOT get through a workout without music. It’s a great distraction from the “pain” as I push through exercises, but also gives me a splurge of energy. Music is a must have and always will be!

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to hit the follow button on my ultimate Spotify workout playlist so you have it saved for future use! Let me know how you like it in the comments below or shoot me a DM on Insta!





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