The Best Beginner Workout for Shoulders and Abs

Here is the final workout for our Week of Workouts for the new year, here is Day 5 – a beginner friendly workout for Shoulders and Abs!

The Best Beginner Workout for Shoulders

Demos: Seated of Standing Shoulder Press (Machine) // Lateral Raises // Front Raises (using a Plate) // Upright Rows // Rear Delt Flyes

The Best Beginner Workout for Abs


For me, one of the hardest parts about getting back into working out again was figuring out where to start. I’d spend months doing either nothing or way too much cardio, and absolutely no strength training whatsoever. But once I learned and realized how effective lifting weights would be for my goals of fat loss and leaning out, I’ve never looked back!

Truly, I hope that having this Week of Workouts was a helpful resource to you! I wanted to be able to help take the guess work out of some of the planning and preparation that goes into a work out. As a beginner, sometimes it can be tricky figuring out what exercises to do each day.

Having something readily available to take to the gym was a huge help for me when I was just getting started. And I wanted to be able to provide that same sense of relief to you!

Here’s a recap of all of the workouts in case you missed any!


Week of Workouts Recap

Here are all of the workouts from the week!


1 – Leg Workout for Glutes and Hamstrings

2 – Pull Day Workout for Back and Biceps

3 – Leg Workout for Quads

4 – Push Workout for Chest and Triceps

5 – Workout for Shoulders and Abs


I would highly recommend sticking to this workout plan for a minimum of 4 weeks before moving on to something different or an all new plan completely. If your goal is to build lean muscle, you have to work on progressive overload rather than constantly switching up your routine. I’ll definitely make a blog post on this in the future because this is such an important concept and topic for newbies to understand!

But, trust me- follow this for 4-6 weeks to build strength with these exercises, and then you can find or create an all new workout plan from there!

If you have any questions at all or if there’s any extra way that I can support you, leave a comment down below or message me privately over on Instagram. You can also join several others and subscribe to my blog, where I send out 1 weekly round up of all the fun and helpful posts/links that I share across social media. All in one easy place!

If you’ve made it this far in the workout plan, or if you plan to go through it, I am so proud of you! Consistency will yield the greatest results. Keep going and don’t stop. This is a journey and a lifestyle. Never a quick fix. You’ve got this!

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