What Is Microblading- Everything You Need to Know!

Let’s talk brows!

Literally, my LEAST favorite part of my makeup routine. I mean, the stress I would put on myself to try to get both brows to look even, as I would fill them in before leaving home, was simply…too much. Seriously, it would take me the longest to do. Anyone else?

Ladies, when I tell you that I’ve now discovered AND personally tried a far better way of achieving amazing, effortless, even brows daily– I mean it. And I loved my experience SO much that I just have to share it with you!

I’m talking about MICROBLADING!

This. Is. Game-changer.

A happy girl sharing her microbladed eyebrows, what microblading is about, and everything that you need to know about microblading!

{Photo: my completed, microbladed brows! ZERO makeup applied to my brows here.}

My Experience

Before I go into the FAQs of microblading, I first want to give a brief rundown of my personal experience with this and how it got started for me. Back in early August of 2019, I received an email from Tara Webb about her microblading services. She introduced herself as a Charlotte, NC microblading artist and further went on to briefly share a little more about herself. Her approach was personable, kind, and still very professional. I instantly felt a sense of peace and comfort about discussing details with her and learning more, so I reached back out! I had been on the fence with my interest of getting this done because I had previously heard mixed reviews from others (not from any of Tara’s clients) about microblading in general. But any and all possible questions I had for her about the service, she was willing to answer honestly and openly with me. I was going to be getting married the next month, and given the process of microblading, she was transparent about when would be the best time for me to come in to her studio; not rushing the process for the sake of her gaining business quickly, and doing what she knew would be best for me, the client, and for the greatest results! I really, really appreciated that and new that was a good sign! And after checking out her business facebook page (+ the great reviews), business instagram page, and her website, I knew I could trust her. So we scheduled my first (of two) microblading session for October 12th (after my wedding, honeymoon, and move into my new home). That first session went great! Like…unbelievably better than expected. Tara was welcoming, easy to connect with and talk to, her studio space is relaxing, clean, and very well kept as well. My “problem areas” that were focused on most, were the beginning and tail end of my brows since those area have thinned out for me over time (which apparently is really common for others). The service itself? SO EASY and PAIN-FREE! I promise, I am not just saying that. To be very honest, I had zero complaints! The healing process wasn’t even bad either. And then we scheduled for a second session/appointment to wrap all of this up! Now I have even brows that I can wake up with each day, that I don’t have to fill in with makeup, that I don’t have to worry about or do anything with. A dream come true, if you ask me! Honestly, I’m so glad that microblading exists. And if you’ve been curious about it, I’d say GO FOR IT! As long as you go to the right person/place, you’ll have nothing to worry about at all! If you’ve been considering this, but you have some questions or concerns, I hope these FAQs answered below will put you at ease because I would hate for you to not take advantage of an opportunity as great as this due to lack on information.

Let’s get to it!

A happy girl sharing her microbladed eyebrows, what microblading is about, and everything that you need to know about microblading!

{Photo: how my brows looked BEFORE we got started with microblading. Wearing NO makeup.}

A happy girl sharing her microbladed eyebrows after the first session, what microblading is about, and everything that you need to know about microblading!

{Photo: about a week after my FIRST microblading session with Tara! NO makeup worn here.}

A happy girl sharing her microbladed eyebrows before and after photos, what microblading is about, and everything that you need to know about microblading!

{Photos: the FINAL brows after my second session! & a comparison from my brows BEFORE & AFTER!}


Q1: Does microblading hurt?

A: Coming from a person who has VERY LOW pain tolerance (like I can be such a baby), this did NOT hurt! Now…who you go to, how well educated/trained they are, and how they do things (plus the products they use) factors into this some. Tara did her training. She is certified and licensed and that put me at so much ease/peace. She applied numbing treatment to my brows before getting started and she would tap on my brows and ask me “can you feel that?” to determine whether I was numb enough for her to get started. LOVED THAT! According to what she told me, there are some people out here performing microblading services, yet aren’t legally licensed/certified; so BEWARE of that! If you go to Tara, know you will be in great hands! Also, try to go to schedule your first and second sessions during times when you’re not on your period. If you are on your period, you will be more sensitive to feeling it (which I actually was for my 2nd session, but it still didn’t hurt).


Q2: How much does microblading cost?

A: If you go see Tara, it will cost $250 for her to perform the same service on you as she did for me! Prices will vary depending on where you live and who you go to. I’d say the price is worth it if that means I don’t need to spend money on any eyebrow makeup products, I don’t need to spend gas driving to get my eyebrows done or to buy products, I don’t have to pay for shipping of any products, I don’t have to spend time filling in my brows, and I don’t have to make time in my schedule to go and get my brows done. Microblading is saving me time and effort. Love it.


Q3: How long do microbladed eyebrows last?

A: Depending on how well you do with your “after-care” from your appointments, your skin type, skin care, and other factors, the brows should last anywhere from 12-24 months.Most people plan for annual touch ups to keep your brows looking their best!


Q4: Is microblading permanent?

A: Microblading is a semi-permanent service. You will eventually have to get them redone every 12-24 months if you want to maintain the look!


Q5: Where did you go to get yours done?

A: Here in Charlotte, NC, I saw Tara at Surface! She’s awesome! I personally didn’t know her before this service and adore her now! Here’s her business address, website, and IG contact:


7928 Council Place, Suite 124, Matthews, North Carolina



IG Contact

Surface Tattoo and Skin Studio


Q6: What is the healing process like?

A: “After care is pretty simple… the main things are to keep your brows clean and moist,  I recommend a thin layer of aquaphor for about 7 days. Some people experience scabbing around the 10th day, however, this can be minimized by being diligent with the Aquaphor.  You want to avoid excessive sweating during this time as well. You can still work out normally, but I typically suggest a Dri Fit hat or sweat band during this time.  Your brows will go through a “process” and it is intersting to say the least haha….  Your brows will appear extra dark for the first couple of days (most people either love them or hate them during this phase, no in between)  after that your brows will be dry, may scab (as I mentioned earlier)  and will itch as they heal.  The next phase of the healing process is MY least favorite. Your brows will be patchy and appear to have disappeared for the next couple of days. During this phase you will have to resort back to the infamous brow pencil to keep sane!  Around the 4 week mark the pigment we placed will begin to reappear like magic… it really is crazy!  Unfortunately, around that time your second session will be done.  During this appointment we repeat the entire process, but we only place pigment where you need it!  Your brows will be complete after, and only after your perfecting session.” – Tara


Q7: Is she certified/licensed?

A: Yes, yes, YES! AND insured! Feel free to DM her if you care to know more about her training!


Q8: What is the microblading appointment/process like?

A: “The initial appointment takes about 2-2.5 hours.  Most of the appointment is spent “mapping” out the perfect brow shape and choosing the perfect color.  During this process I make sure everything is symmetric and enhances your natural features.  Once you agree with the outline, a topical numbing is applied and that sits for about 25-30 minutes.  A small blade is used to make TINY “cuts” into your skin and pigment is placed into the skin during this process. Once the outline is done, I apply a second numbing and continue to do so as needed throughout the procedure so that you are comfortable.” – Tara


So who is this service good for?

The woman who is over filling in her brows every. single. day. The busy mom, employee, or college student who just doesn’t have the patience and time anymore to sit down and take her time on her brows. The woman who could use a more (semi) permanent solution to get her by for a while. And for the woman who wants effortlessly even brows WITHOUT having to put in the work! If either of those sound like you, then THIS is for you!

If you’re coming from my Instagram page to this post, then you probably already know this, but for those of you who don’t, I saved all of my IG stories from my experience with this to a highlight titled “Microblading” that you can also refer to and see more of a visual of my brows after each session!

If you go see Tara at V Brows, then let her know that Key sent you! If this post and my experience encourages you to get yours done, I’d love to know!

Thank you so much to V Brows for partnering with me! To my readers, know that while my IG post is sponsored, this blog post actually is not. I’m purely writing this because I wanted to share my experience in all honesty and help others!



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